Dry Towel to Dry Your Hair Quickly
Dry Towel to Dry Your Hair Quickly
Dry Towel to Dry Your Hair Quickly
Dry Towel to Dry Your Hair Quickly

Dry Towel to Dry Your Hair Quickly

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This is truly one of those great products that one should know about and must have. It allows you to be the ultimate multi-tasker while drying your hair.

Conveniently twist it around your hair and secure the button. Their tapered design allows for a perfect and snug fit on all head sizes and they would not fall off, one size fits all and makes every hair in.

No long waiting until your hair dries, the Coral fibre is ultra-absorbent and fast-drying, saving you precious time.g

If you are college going or a corporate girl and you are always in a rush you should buy this towel.


  • Makes getting ready for the day so much easier and saves time.
  • Perfect as a gift and fit to every hair length.
  • The thick Coral fabric is a super absorbent material woven from microfibers with ultra-wicking technology.
  • Which enables water to be drawn from hair and skin more quickly and thoroughly, 80% more absorbent than other towels.
  • And it's especially gentle on hair and skin.

  • No slipping, no dripping. After washing your hair, wrap it in the towel and secure it with the button. You can be sure the hair towel will not slip off.
  • Would not shrink when washed.

Light Weight, Super Soft and Absorbent!

Coral fleece microfiber material is very absorbent and fast drying. Ultra-lightweight and gentle on hair and skin, hair wrap towels are ideal for everyday use at home, at the barbershop, at the gym and while travelling.


Bend forward your head and let your hair flow down naturally.

Put on the magic hair drying cap and twist around the hair.

Fold back the magic hair drying cap button up at the hair. Done!

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